Christmas Gifts



£50 Monetary Voucher

The Red Carnation experience is just too good to keep to yourself – especially at Christmas.  These flexible £50 vouchers, redeemable at any of our UK based properties, make inspired Yuletide gifts.  

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£100 Monetary Voucher

Treat your family and friends to an inspired Christmas present with these flexible £100 vouchers.  Redeemable at any of our UK based properties they are the perfect gift for those who take pleasure from the finer things in life.

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The Ultimate Night under the Stars

Some occasions are so special that they absolutely demand to be celebrated in a style that simply takes the breath away.  Our penthouse Conservatory Suite, with its glass roof and dramatic view of the heavens, provides the perfect setting for a night that’s sure to exceed every expectation.  That’s just for starters however – click the overview tab to see what else is included.

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